Fugro Symphony is the first vessel equipped with the new K-master DP system from Kongsberg Maritime AS. The new operator interface has several advantages and integrates systems like IAS, thruster control, rudder and bridge equipment into one platform. 

The vessel has a unique side door arrangement designed in such a way that the lower part is possible to lower into a recess in the ship side. The upper part is folded and stored at shipside over the hangar gate, providing free access for the ROV operations.
The ROV system is based on a new design with overhanging winches and LARS, enabling the vessel to operate down to 3 000 meter depth. A large AHC offshore crane of 150 T designed for operation within 3 000 m depth is located aft with a purpose made moon pool.
The vessel features accommodation for a total of 105 persons. The crew and other special personnel can enjoy their time off in facilities such as quality lounges, mess room, coffee shop, an advanced cinema with surround sound system and a modern gymnasium with sauna included.
Fugro Symphony is the largest vessel built at Noryards BMV, and was delivered in May 2011.


General information  
Design ST-327L CD - Skipsteknisk AS
Building no 166
Built by Noryards BMV
Owner Fugro Symphony Inc. , Panama
Class Det Norske Veritas DNV +1A1, E0, DYNPOS AUTR, COMF C(3) COMF V(3),
DK (+), TMON
Dynpos ERN(99,99,99)
Main dimensions  
LOA 130,20 m
LPP 119,40 m
Beam 24,0 m
Gross tonnage 11 324 ton
Tank Capacity MDO 1 928 m3
Potable water 577 m3