Never compromising on quality and safety

At Noryards, we never compromise on safety or quality and have dedicated ourselves to a zero-harm and fault mind-set. We always operate with worker safety and environmental sensitivity at top of mind and adhere to the strictest HSE measures.

Through decades in a challenging industry, we have developed valuable expertise in striking the right balance between cost-efficiency, high quality deliverance and never compromising on HSE issues. To carry on this work is a top priority for Noryards, as is a systematic development of our quality improvement policies with the following focus:

  • Continuously improving our business processes, enabling us to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers and shareholders.
  • Ensuring required, updated qualifications on all levels through training and competence development programs.
  • Avoiding any incidents or faults that may negatively affect delivery, costs or product and service quality; including close follow-up of non-conformities with corrective measures.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of the QHSE adherence of subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Monitoring, auditing, reviewing, continual improving and developing of management systems.
  • Compliance with all relevant rules, regulations and standards, including ISO standards.

We believe that safety is a joint responsibility for all staff members, but in order to create fertile grounds for a no-harm, no-fault climate, we have developed written guidelines for establishing and maintaining a safety conscious work environment.

Here you can download Noryards’ QHSE policies in pdf format:
Noryard BMV Quality Policy
Noryards BMV Drugs and alcohol policy
NORYARDS BMV Environmental policy
NORYARDS BMV Social responsibility