Noryards BMV AS declares forced accord
Noryards BMV AS declares forced accord at the District Court of Bergen after it was clear sufficient funds were not made available as planned in February.


The Floating dock on film

Take some minutes and learn about the floating dock at Noryards BMV:

Bergen pride at Noryards

Statsraad Lehmkuhl will occupy the historical dry dock at Noryards for its yearly yard stay and classification work for a period.

Veteran Steam Ship  returnes to its roots

 D/S «Stavenes» was originally built in 1904 at Bergen Mekansike Verksted (BMV) and last autumn, she returned back to her place of origin for restoration work imore than hundred years’ later.


Ivar Hanson announces his resignation as CEO in Noryards AS- Pål K. Grimsrud becomes new CEO in Noryards BMV

The management in Noryards have decided to focus on a new course for the company. The business will no longer be run as a corporate company and Noryards BMV will go through re-organisations. 

Noryards Fosen Petition Bankruptcy

Noryards Fosen AS has decided for petition for bankruptcy to the Fosen District Court.