Noryards BMV

Postbox 1913 - Damsgaard
5830 Bergen, Norway
+(47) 55 94 66 00


Pål K. Grimsrud
CEO at Noryards BMV
+47 994 77 599

Noryards BMV has a history of shipbuilding that dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The yard has extensive experience in building custom designed vessels and has established an impressive track record and a reputation as a highly skilled provider of purpose-built vessels.

The shipyard is located at Laksevåg in Bergen, a historical maritime hub in Northern Europe with close proximity to important markets within the shipping and oil & gas industries. The yard specializes in advanced offshore ships, seismic vessels, diving vessels and research vessels.

Noryards BMV operates two production sites where vessels are distributed according to size and capacity. The yard facilities include a large floating dock (12 000 tons), a dry dock (110 meters) and 600 meters of quay with depths varying from 5–20 meters. The crane capacity is solid and flexible and includes a floating crane with a 130 t capacity and a rail bound crane with a capacity of 100 t@28m, 45t@48m, 15t@53m or 3t@70m.

Noryards BMV is also equipped with state-of-the-art workshop facilities for handling pipes, steel, steel cutting, machinery and motors; as well as with a cleaning terminal, a test terminal for motors and a well-equipped tool and machine park. Overall, the yard is well set both for outfitting of large and complex specialized vessels and for maintenance and repair work of any kind.

A professional partner 
To be a professional partner for our clients, Noryards BMV makes strong efforts to attract and develop engineers and skilled workers within all relevant disciplines. Through an in-house competence unsurpassed in the business of building advanced vessels, Noryards BMV ensures that all project execution answers to the highest industry standards.

Ivar Hanson is acting President of Noryards BMV.

Reference list for offshore vessels outfitted 2008-today:

Name, Client Design Type Delivered
North Sea Atlantic, North Sea Shipping ST 261 Multipurpose offshore construction vessel 2014
Ocean Response, Atlantic Offshore AS VS 465 MKII Multipurpose rescue vessel 2013
Fugro Symphony, Fugro    ST 327L CD ST 327L CD ROV/Offshore construction vessel 2011
Normand Pacific, Solstad Rederi AS ST 256L CD ROV/Offshore construction vessel 2010
Island Enforcer, AMNOR Bergen KS ST 256L CD Multipurpose offshore construction vessel 2010
Geo Coral, Fugro Geo Coral Inc., Panama ST 327L CD Seismic research vessel  2010
Mermaid Endurer, Mermaid Offshore Service Ltd. ST 254 CD Multipurpose diving vessel 2010
Fugro Synergy, Fugro MT 6016L Light drillship  2009
Geo Caribbean, Fugro Geo Caribbean N.V. ST 327 Seismic vessel 2008
Fugro Saltire, Ellen Forland Rederi ST 327L ROV/Offshore construction vessel 2008
Geo Celtic, Ellen Forland Rederi ST327 Seismic vessel 2007