Repairs, conversions and maintenance

In addition to excellent shipbuilding capabilities, Noryards offers first-rate services within repair, conversion and maintenance. Our services range from regular docking, cleaning, sandblasting and painting to major rebuilding and conversion.

We perform steel-, pipe- and metalwork of any kind, handle electrical and mechanical overhauls and even offer motor repairs through our reputable subcontractors. All operations are performed efficiently and accurately by personnel with long and solid industry experience from working on a variety of vessels. 

Solid facilities
At Noryards BMV in Bergen, we offer a one-stop-shop handling all kinds of services from simple maintenance to major repairs and extensive reconstructions. The yard has a large floating dock, recently overhauled and in tiptop condition. 207 m long and 35 m wide and with a lifting capacity of 12,000 t, the dock accommodates ship sizes up to and including Panamax size. 

The facilities in Bergen also include a large dry dock, long and deep quays with solid crane coverage, a mechanical workshop, steel and welding workshops, outfitting workshops, pipe workshops for carbon pipes and white material respectively – in addition to all other facilities required by the trade.

For Noryards, there are no minor or major customers – only important ones. We pride ourselves in executing all assignments on time and answering to the letter to the customers’ demands. 

You can download our ISPS security documents following this links:
Ship pre-arrival security information form
ISPS information
NORYARDS BMV port facility