A modern and flexible interior design provides a capacity of 1500 passengers (1200 passenger during winter). A total of 306 cabins provide first class accommodation and a variety of restaurants, shops and entertainment will enable travelers to have an enjoyable sailing along the Norwegian coast line to Denmark.

“Stavangerfjord” is the most environmentally friendly passenger ship in international operation, powered by pure LNG enabling a complete elimination of SOX emissions as well as reducing the CO2 emissions by 23 percent, NOX emissions by 92% and particulate emissions by 98%, compared to ships powered by traditional heavy fuel oil.
The Waste Heat Recovery System provides both electricity from a steam generator and heating from warm water in the accommodation areas. The ship, with a lenght of 170 metres and width of 27,5 metres, will provide a service speed of 21,5 knots.

Design Bergen Group Fosen LOA 170.00 m
Building no 87 LPP 148.00 m
Built by Bergen Group Fosen Breath moulded Deadweight 27.5 m
Owner Fjord Skibsholding III Denmark BRT 3900 tons
Flag DK Tank capacity fuel 25000
    Tank capacity fresh water Gas Fuel 2 x 293 m3 940 m3
CLASS   Draft scantling 6.5 m
Det Norske Veritas: DNV 1A1, Ice 1 B, CAR FERRY A, E0, GAS FUELED, Clean, Naut-AW, VIBR, MCDK, TMON, F-M, COMF V(2)