Veteran Steam Ship returnes to its roots

 D/S «Stavenes» was originally built in 1904 at Bergen Mekansike Verksted (BMV) and last autumn, she returned back to her place of origin for restoration work imore than hundred years’ later.


In November 2015 Stavenes came to Noryards BMV. The 112 years old steam ship is dry-docked at Noryards BMV’s dry dock in Laksevåg, not far away from BMV’s Solheimsviken yard where D/S Stavenes actually was built.

A historical meeting
Stavenes’ own “fan club” states that it was in many ways a historical day when Stavenes came back to BMV- Noryards BMV, 110 years after the vessel was originally launched from BMV Solheimsviken.

The restoration work includes installation of new boiler and steam machine as well as steel replacement and general bottom treatment.
Furthermore, Noryards BMV have been given the task to ensure that the vessel can sail away on own machine after the work is completed.

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A veteran meets another veteran
The dry dock where D/S Stavenes is docked was originally built in 1872, and is therefore a historical protected site. 

Due to the dock’s size and shape, the dock is not ideal for docking more modern ships, but special old guests are always welcome according to Einar Myklebust, responsible for  sales of repair work & services at Noryards BMV.

…and more veteran vessels will come
When the work at Stavenes is completed another veteran celebrity and a local pride, the three-masted barque, Statsraad Lehmkuhl will occupy the historical dry dock for its yearly yard stay and classification work

You can read more about Stavenes and the dry dock at Noryards BMV here: